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Can non-professional therapists use NOVAFON?
Although NOVAFON is a class 1 medical device in Europe, it uses 50/100Hz sound waves instead of ultrasound, so non-professional therapists can use it.
Can NOVAFON be used over clothes?
If you wear normal fabrics, except quilted jackets, so can use NOVAFON over your clothes.
How long can NOVAFON be used each time?
Because it has a built-in motor, it is recommended to use it continuously for not more than 15 to 20 minutes, or to stop if the NOVAFON feels a little bit hot. Use it after cooling down.
Is NOVAFON the same as muscle punch gun on the market?
Not the same, NOVAFON uses sonic vibration for deep treatment, not by striking the body surface.
Can I input/change the music of inmutouch?
The music of inmutouch is built in before leaving the factory and created by the musicians of inmutouch dedicated for the purpose of inmutouch, so it cannot be changed.
Can inmuRELAX / inmuDANCE be used only by dementia patients?
No. To a certain extent, inmuRELAX / inmuDANCE is used to relieve emotional tension, so basically it can have a certain effect on anyone who is in stress.
How to clean inmutouch products?
All inmutouch products can remove the jacket; the jacket can be washed with cold water and can be used after being dried. It is recommended to purchase more jackets as spares, which can be used continuously. After removing the jacket, the main unit can be wiped with a slightly damp towel/disinfected wet tissue, but it cannot be wet washed directly.
Can EMFIT QS be placed on any mattress?
It can be used on most kind of mattress except for medical Pressure Relief and air cushion mattresses.
Can EMFIT QS be directly connected to a mobile phone or computer?
Sorry, since the sleep quality data requires complex calculations before becoming useful information, it must be uploaded to the cloud server and viewed online via a mobile phone or computer connection.
Know how #1 – Importance of pH
1. pH is the most important thing in HOCl water, it could have 80-120 times difference in effectiveness! 2. Weak acidity at pH5-6.5 gives you 80-97% of existing HOCl. Higher would make the solution less effective and lower, the solution may have potential risk. 3. Since the HOCl ratio is high, concentration should not exceed 60ppm when used directly
Know how #2 – Storage method
4. HOCl is easily affected by UV and light, containers must be opaque and be able to block off UV. Our containers are sourced specifically for HOCl water, we recommend to store HOCl water in our containers at all times. 5. HOCl is odourless, if you smell something like swimming pool, it is HOCl water reacting.
Know how #3 – Usage and Application
6. As HOCl water is safe, it can be applied using sprayer and ultrasonic humidifier on various occasions, but there are a few point of emphasis to be aware of. 7. HOCl water can be applied onto contact surfaces with sprayer bottles. Spray, leave for 1 minute and wipe off surface. We recommend to use our provided sprayer bottles because it offers smaller droplet size and a great sprayer volume for optimal effect. Should you use other bottles, make sure it is opaque, or HOCl water may lose effectiveness due to exposure to light and UV. 8. HOCl water can be used with ultrasonic humidifier. This way you can improve your IAQ at home, office or restroom. Please be aware that HOCl water may cause rust to metal surfaces, please maintain your ultrasonic humidifier regularly. Warm mist is not recommended because the droplet is much larger. Please leave the room ventilated for better IAQ.
What is HOCl water?
Hypochlorous Acid Water is a weak acid aqueous solution that contains more than 80% Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a strong oxidant and disinfection agent that exists in our white blood cells that Neutrophils use it as part of our immune system to destroy pathogens. It is an approved water in Japan and USA FDA, which is known to have virucidal activity against enveloped viruses including Coronaviruses (CoV), antibacterial and effective in removing odour and allergens.
How is Hocliaq’s HOCl water produced?
Produced in Hong Kong with technology and lab reports from Japan that conforms to JIS standard. We produce our Hypochlorous Acid Water from purified water and high purity salt through membrane electrolysis, creating a high purity product by removing Na from the solution. Hocliaq is diluted, ready to use at effective weak acid state ~pH6 and at a safe concentration ~30ppm.
How is HOCl water safer than other disinfectants?
Not only is HOCl water safe to human, it is also safe to animals, plants and the environment. This is because HOCl does not degrade or damage DNA, protein or Amino acid that are important to us. Alcohol evaporate off surfaces too quickly to destroy germs on your skin surfaces and it may leave your skin dry, vulnerable to trapping germs in damaged skin. Alcohol is also ineffective when covering large surface areas, such as disinfecting indoor spaces. Diluted bleach may cause harm to skin and eyes, and it takes a long time to disinfect compared to HOCl which is 80-120 times more effective than diluted bleach.
How do we know it is safe and effective?
The quickest inexpensive way to test at home is by using pH strip and High-range Chlorine strip, and compare the numbers against FDA Food Contact Notification 1811 or Food Sanitation Law (Japan) guidelines. According to FDA and Food Sanitation Law, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is an approved water, and following the guidelines, there are two critical numbers we need from HOCl water. Up to 60ppm (FDA) or 10-80ppm (FSL Japan) in concentration and a pH of weak acid pH5-6.5 to increase its disinfection ability. 1. Dip pH strip into solution for 1 second and use its colour scale to determine the concentration 2. The target is between pH5-6 3. Use this pH level against the Ratio of existing free chlorine chart we provided and you would find the percentage of HOCl existing in your solution. The percentage is 80-97% of existing HOCl 4. Dip High-range Chlorine strip into solution for 1 second and use its colour scale to determine the concentration (usually 10, 50, 100, 200ppm depending on the product). Please be aware that low-range chlorine strip, such as test strip for swimming pool’s target range is too low, it is not suitable for testing HOCl water. 5. Between 10 and 50ppm is considered safe and effective for Hypochlorous Acid Water as FDA states that concentration of available free chlorine will not exceed 60ppm 6. Take pH level of 5-6, and concentration of 10-50ppm, you meet the criteria for approved HOCl Water. Therefore, please do not further dilute our products, or else the pH level and concentration will change drastically, and the solution will become ineffective.
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