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Emfit QS allows me to optimize my training potential by providing a baseline HRV, enabling me to control and manage the ideal balance between training and rest.”
Teemu Lemmettylä, Professional Triathlete EMFIT QS
After our son got inmuRELAX, he sleeps without problems. This has never happened since he was born 10 years ago.
Father to 10-year-old boy with infantile autism inmuRELAX, Sleep
I have been suffering from severe sleeping disorders for three years. I have already tested a lot of things, but the pleasant vibrations and the soft sounds of the inmuRELAX have been a relief for me. They help me to find peace in my sleep. When I wake up during the night as usual, I can re-trigger the activity of soft music with a slight movement of the inmu, which makes me fall asleep again quickly. After the first day of having the inmu, I could experience the feeling of waking up fresher and more relaxed in the morning for a really long time.
Woman, 45 inmuRELAX, Sleep
I cried tears of joy because I could feel myself again.
Woman in her 20s, suffers from schizoaffective disorder and hallucinations are a part of her daily life inmuRELAX, Psychiatry
After having used the inmuRELAX for a week, he didn’t need to take medication to sleep—he fell asleep with the inmu.
Social worker at mental health centre about a male patient in his 30s who has anxiety, unrest, and paranoid thoughts inmuRELAX, Psychiatry
It’s amazing! Now that the resident has become used to using the inmuRELAX as a daily comfort tool, the dentist is free to work on fixing her teeth.
Care professional at a nursing home on resident with dementia who suffers from dental fear inmuRELAX, Care
We cannot change the fate and living conditions for the residents, but with the inmu, we can change their environment.
Occupational therapist at nursing home inmuRELAX, Care
When Ingrid lies with the inmuRELAX on her chest, she’ll calm down and become aware of the world around her.
Care professional about agitated resident with dementia who easily becomes overstimulated inmuRELAX, Care
Mary will often get angry and scream loudly out of powerlessness. I’ll lay the inmuRELAX on her chest, and that’s enough to let me wash her. She feels safe and calls the inmu Peter—the name of her little brother she always used to take care of.
Care professional at a nursing home on resident with dementia inmuRELAX, Care
John gets scared and will grab blindly after things when we, for example, try to move him. With the inmuRELAX in his hands, he’ll relax noticeably and his attention shifts to sensing the cushion. The music has a calming effect on him.
Care professional at a nursing home on resident with dementia inmuRELAX, Care
inmuRELAX helps him regulate his level of arousal at home and in the kindergarten. It makes him relax and fall asleep easier in the evening.
Mother of 6-year-old boy with autism who screams and cries when he comes in close contact with other people inmuRELAX, Children
I feel calm and get a warm feeling inside.
Boy in second grade inmuRELAX, Children
For me, the sound is like stars that I can capture. This calms me a lot and I put it on my belly in the evening when I go to bed and listen to the soft sounds.
6-year-old boy who is suffering from insomnia. Through the inmuRELAX, he has been able to reduce the time it takes him to fall asleep from 90 minutes to 10 minutes inmuRELAX, Children
The majority of the residents exhibit a high level of arousal. It means that they have trouble adjusting their behaviour in relation to their surroundings. They are constantly bombarded by sensory stimulation, and their nervous system is not capable of handling their reactions probably. inmuRELAX provides calm and happiness. The music helps the residents achieve an inner balance and a way of handling conflicts. It is a dignified tool, and best of all it can be used anywhere.
Manager at an assisted living facility for people with congenital brain damage inmuRELAX, Children
Beautiful, dream-like music that awakes the imagination. Calming. Could be beneficial for relatives who need a bit of a break.
Service assistant inmuRELAX, Stress
Perfect for care professionals to use for a short power nap.
Psychologist inmuRELAX, Stress
If you’ve gotten lost in your thoughts, it can bring your focus back. People who are into yoga and meditation will catch on to the music style.
Nurse at a hospice inmuRELAX, Stress
inmuRELAX creates a friendly atmosphere!
Retired nursing home manager inmuRELAX, Socializing
To have been able to experience the moments of happiness and relatability the nurses and the relatives have while using the inmuRELAX has been a true gift.
Nursing home manager and music therapist inmuRELAX, Socializing
I have for a long time not been able to get in contact with my mom. But when I give her the inmuRELAX, she’ll open her eyes and I can feel that contact being restored. We’ll hold the inmu together, and I can see and feel that she relaxes.
Daughter to mother with advanced Alzheimer’s dementia inmuRELAX, Socializing
The inmu’s spread great joy when the residents throw them to each other. They are not ‘dangerous’ because they are soft and not hard like a ball. When the inmu’s are used in physical activity, their focus is not directed towards the sound, but on the movement: for example, to throw or push the inmu among them. Sometimes I’ll direct their awareness to the sound, which makes the residents hold the inmu up to their ears. It gives them a natural break in the physical activity and shows that the music has a positive effect.
Social worker at nursing home inmuRELAX, Activity
Anna runs her hand along the inmu and then she smiles.